Where to begin q&A

I want to be a pilot but I have no idea where to begin...

Consider booking a Discovery Flight, an introductory flight lesson that includes about an hour of flight time and 30-45 minutes of ground instruction. We offer a Discovery Flight at AvZ for $199. 

Do your research before picking an instructor or school..you don't always get what you pay for. Talk to current students. If the instructor doesn't want you interviewing thier current students run  away! Consider the schools airplanes and equipment condition. 

Look for an experienced instructor who is interested in you and your goals..The current pilot shortage causes the industry pilot mills (the big $$ high advertisement schools) to churn out low time, inexperienced instructors working for the purpose of building thier own hours enough to find another job at your expense.

The $$$ question!! How much does it cost?

The regulations say you must have 40 hours of flight time in order to get your private pilot license...anticipate more like 55. This of course depends on you and your instructor. Those who fly and study regularly, such as 2 times per week, finish closer to the 40 hours. Those who fly once every other weekend could expect to be closer to 75 hours. An instructor who follows a syllabus generally completes a student much faster than one who just makes it up on the go...anticipate 10-15 hours of ground instruction in the classroom.

We recognize that learning to fly is expensive and we make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible. We offer several different types of training aircraft at different price points in an attempt to keep your costs down. Here is a sample of our rates.

C172  $135/hr 

Instructor $50/hr

Total $185/hr  

Sample Budget Estimate:

30 Hours of flight with an instructor: $5,550, solo flight $1,350, written test $150, Ground instruction $500, Checkride Fee $550

Grand Total $8,100

A typical flight lesson is usually around 1.5 hours. We do not charge any hidden fees such as ground instruction to walk out to the airplane with you like other local flight schools.

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