Adrian is a decorated, retired fighter pilot and holds multiple type ratings and has experience ranging from combat operations to airline Captain.

Instructor, Company CEO

Adrian VanZyl

Matt is a veteran of the USAF, retired Law enforcement Officer and has his ATP, Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Instructor and Instrument Instructor ratings.

Chief Operations Officer

Matt Prince

Alex has been flying for 12 years and is a military veteran and full time Law Enforcement Officer. 

Chief Flight Instructor

Alex Smuk


Jerry is a seasoned Gold Seal Flight Instructor. Jerry has taught more than 5000 hours  of primary and instrument pilot training.

Flight Instructor

Jerry Marota


Andy is a graduate of ATP Flight School and is a CFI. CFII and MEI.

Flight Instructor

Andy Siperly


Kevin is a full time air traffic control operator and previously flew for American Airlines. Kevin is a CFI and CFII

Flight Instructor

Kevin Brehmer

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